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Cosmic Neutron Volt – MVP’s best selling fairway, the Volt is the workhorse fairway in their lineup. Super straight and can handle power, the Volt will hold any line you put it on. Fans of Gyro love the Volt and its clear why. Now in MVP’s gorgeous new Cosmic Neutron plastic!!! The Volt is super straight but not flippy, it is really a workhorse fairway that can be used for a plethora of shots on the course. If you need some extra life in your fairway game grab a Volt and see what happens to your fairway confidence.

Here is MVP’s write up on the mold: “MVP ushers in the newest evolution of its original driver with the release of the Volt in Cosmic Neutron plastic. The Cosmic Neutron Volt brings a wonderment of new colors and swirls to the classic stability fans appreciate in the Volt’s 8-speed class. These swirly beauties continue the tradition of premium quality Neutron plastic with the gorgeous Cosmic swirls fans are sure to love. The new Cosmic Neutron stock stamp is a showcase of our solar system’s orbital plane, featuring our outermost planets. One of MVP’s most popular molds, the new Cosmic Neutron Volt is sure to be a fan favorite!”

Cosmic Neutron Volt

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