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Paul McBeth ESP Hades – Paul McBeth and Discraft are back with a new release! This time with a 12-speed under-stable compliment to the beloved Zeus. The McBeth Hades is a disc that when thrown with power it will flip and hold an anhyzer line for quite some time. In pros bags, it will be a great disc for big turnovers and long rollers. For beginners, it will be a straight flying disc that will get a ton of distance compared to the other 12 speeds. It has enough stability to be thrown hard, and enough flip to make sure you get plenty of distance. From what we have seen of the Hades run, is a super swirly, gorgeous run reminiscent of the Prototype Zeus(the artist formerly known as the Kong). The McBeth Hades is sure to be a super popular release and it will add to the lineup that Paul McBeth and Discraft are building. If you are looking for a glidey, distance driver that is easier to throw than the Zeus, then the Discraft Paul McBeth ESP Hades is the perfect disc for you.

Discraft says this about the mold: “Paul rounds off his 5th disc release with the Hades. A stable, maximum-distance driver. Think of this as a complement to the iconic Zeus. Controllable power that’s manageable by all skill levels”

Paul McBeth ESP Hades

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