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Z-Line Buzzz OS – The Buzzz OS is a great overstable compliment to the much loved Buzzz mold. It has a similar feel in the hand but with a much more overstable flight path that can handle headwind and forehand power. The Z-Line plastic is extremely durable and loved by the Discraft faithful in all sorts of molds, especially the Buzzz OS. This is the perfect disc for forehand players that are looking for a disc that can be thrown on flex shots or on pure hyzers. It is a disc that can used all over the course, whether off the tee or if you are trying to throw it in from the field. If you are looking for a midrange that does not have very much glide and gets to a hyzer quickly then grab a Z-Line Buzzz OS today and watch your approach game improve.

Discraft says this about the mold: “The perfect complement to your Buzzz. When you’re facing a headwind, need a straight shot with a hard finish, or want to use a forehand throw, Buzzz OS delivers success. Plus it’s beadless; it feels like a Buzzz in your hand, lending a familiar confidence that comes with the Buzzz family of discs.”

Z-Line Buzzz OS

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