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Big Z Roach – Discraft has some of the best putters in the game and this mold seems to be the inspiration for the Luna and the Fierce. The rounded bottom of these discs make the beadless feel very comfortable in the hand. These discs are very straight flyers both in the circle and off the tee. The mold should be a disc you reach for again and again. The Big Z plastic is one of the best feeling discs around and is a perfect throwing putter that is very similar to the Big Z Luna. Off the tee this is a pretty straight disc that will get a touch of turn and a touch of fade. While in the circle this disc is perfectly straight with a ton of glide. The Big Z Roaches are a little more overstable and are perfect off the tee. If you need a straighter Luna or a more stable Fierce then this is the perfect disc for you!

Discraft says this about the mold: “A straight flier with extra glide, the Roach™ is crafty in avoiding danger while incessantly pursuing chains. Just point and shoot. It’s beadless too and feels great in the hand. Try a Roach on your next approach!”

Flight Numbers – Speed: 2, Glide: 4, Turn: -1, Fade: 1

Big Z Roach

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